Senin, 22 Juni 2009

David Cook is American Idol winner 2008.

5969 David Cook is American Idol winner 2008.

David Cook won by a wide margin of 12 million votes. Around 100 million votes were sent in for this finale of the American Idol 2008. David Cook won himself the turning point of his life – a recording contract. He had been a bartender and band member in Missouri.

David Cook won 56% of the total votes sent in while his rival, David Archuleta had 44%. On Tuesday night, Simon Cowell gave the winning comments to David Archuleta for his smooth delivery of all 3 songs. David Cook was criticized for his daring delivery of a new song that he had never tried before. However, America has chosen David Cook as their new American Idol.

It remains to be seen if Simon Cowell would

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