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David Archuleta is always been a hot teen idol at the beautiful archipelago of the Philippines. We, as in myself is included, since he’d been declared as American Idol season 7’s first runner-up, is so anticipated for him to come down here and cheer him up. Finally the wait is over! May 16, 2009 – the date set for Archie and cook’s concert. But before that day, he guest at SIS! And Eat Bulaga, during the SIS! Times, a host names Gelli said that he read that David love the Philippine Mangoes and Archie response with a smile of a shy-type child. He even said and admitted that he ate two for breakfast! That is really a big mark for all Filipino fans.

I want to make this opportunity to all international co-writer/admin, as well as readers, that Philippine Mangoes are really an international competitive fruit. I think (I’m not that sure) that Davao has the best in producing mangoes. The fully ripe mangoes are tender yellow in color, juicy and delicious in taste and in the inner appearance. I hope you can try one. We also have Indian Mangoes, Dried mangoes and those which are still unripe but really yummy. These are those who want something sourly in taste. Actually, mango is Philippines’ national fruit and we treasure it.

My article ends here, thanks for reading. I hope you love it and learned something delicious.

- Richard Andrei R. Sebastian

by the way, thanks for a warm welcome. i think i’m gonna love this family! again thanks guys.

David Cook is American Idol winner 2008.

5969 David Cook is American Idol winner 2008.

David Cook won by a wide margin of 12 million votes. Around 100 million votes were sent in for this finale of the American Idol 2008. David Cook won himself the turning point of his life – a recording contract. He had been a bartender and band member in Missouri.

David Cook won 56% of the total votes sent in while his rival, David Archuleta had 44%. On Tuesday night, Simon Cowell gave the winning comments to David Archuleta for his smooth delivery of all 3 songs. David Cook was criticized for his daring delivery of a new song that he had never tried before. However, America has chosen David Cook as their new American Idol.

It remains to be seen if Simon Cowell would
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Jeff Archuleta, David Archuleta’s Dad, is banned from American Idol set.

5905 Jeff Archuleta, David Archuletas Dad, is banned from American Idol set.

Jeff Archuleta is on the right.

Jeff Archuleta, the father of David Archuleta, has been banned from the set of American Idol. Jeff had interfered in the production of American Idol. He interferred with the producers, band, vocal coaches and other contestants.

The producers decided to ban Jeff when he asked David to change the lyrics to his first song, which was “Stand By Me.” He insisted that one verse from Sean Kingston’s song, “Beautiful Girls”, was to be added to “Stand By Me.”

American Idol’s producers sent Jeff an email to say that the lyrics should be kept to the original version. During the live show, David obeyed his father and sang the song with the verse from Kingston’s lyrics. American Idol had to pay compensation to the song’s publisher as a consequence of David’s action.

Jeff would still be welcomed to sit in the audience during the live show.